Turkish Dried Figs / Turkish Market Report 27.08.2017

Dear All,

I hope everything is fine with you.

Exporters Union meeting has been done on Friday, 25th of August 2017 at Izmir. According to this meeting, the first shipment date of the crop 2017 figs has been accounced as 11th of October 2017, Wednesday for your info. This date is a bit later than the usual years due to unstabile market conditions in Turkey for figs this season. The subject date can be changed due to the departures of the vessels from Izmir port depending on the congestion at this stage of the season.

The crop size is officially announced as 78.000 mtons for crop 2017. There are major quality issues on new crop figs due to the rains effected the growing area during August 2017. Especially the valley area of Aydın is effected negatively therefore the first crop figs coming from this region are pretty low in quality. The mountain figs seems to be better in quality however the arrival of the subject products to the market will be raftly 10-12 days later than the valley goods... The fruit count per tree is higher this season therefore the smaller size figs will be more available than larger sizes during the season. The subject situation will cause higher prices on large sizes such as Type 1,2 and 3’s. There will also be a big diffrence in price between valley and mountain figs due to quality issues. We suggest all our buyers to be careful on quality this season...

The market is not settled yet as the harvest is just started last week. It will continue for another 20-30 days so the weather conditions during this period will be very important for the price movement of the raw material. The raw material prices for the first goods were very high due to lack of good quality merchandise, we prefer to wait a week time to see the settlement of the market. It seems like we will be in a position to offer new crop figs as of 5th of September 2017... 

We will keep you posted on a regular basis as the harvest is still going on at Aydın.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards, 
Yasin Durmus 
Managing Director