• Determination of methods and responsibilities which is applied to prevent of glass contamination.
  • Determination of methods and responsibilities which is applied when glass has broken.
  • To make sure that all stuffs are learned and applied glass policy.

To prevent glass contamination:

  • It is forbidden to have present and use of all glass materials like bottle, cup etc. in all entrances of company, social utilities for workers.
  • It is forbidden to bring glass materials of laboratory to production area.If it is necessary permission should be taken from Quality and Planning Manager.
  • All glass materials in laboratory are specified in Laboratory Glass Meterial Control Form, controlled and recorded periodically.
  • All glass parts of doors and windows in area related with production were covered with conservative film.All lamps are covered with plastic conservative.All fluorescents of EFK(electrically fly killer) were covered with film.
  • All glass materials which can not be covered by film like soap dispensers and pointer of machines were determined in Glass Layout Plan, controlled and recorded periodically.

Methods which are applied when glass breakage occured in the production area.

  • It is advised to Production Chief immediately when glass breakage occured in production area.It is advised to Production Responsible or Quality and Planning Manager immediately if Production Chief is absent.
  • Production line is stopped by Production Chief if glass contamination risk present.
  • Products which have risk of glass contamination are separated and destroyed by Production Chief.
  • Big glass parts which were collected are put into plastic garbage bag (“DANGER-BREAKAGE GLASS” should be written on this bag) and send away.
  • If there is packaging materials which contaminated by glass, they send away.
  • After big glass parts send away, special brush and shovel are used to collect small glass parts.It is noticed against spread of glass parts to large area. Glass which were collected and brush and shovel which were used to collect glass parts are put into plastic garbage bag and send away immediately.
  • “Breakage Glass and Hard Plastic Control Form” is filled to start production line by Production Responsible and approved by Production Chief.
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