These actions are applied to prevent and remove metal contamination;

Prevention of metal contamination

  • Maintenance are applied out of the production area. Production is stopped if these works are done at production line and QA department are informed. During this process, a laboratory assistant takes necessary actions to prevent contamination to other lines and equipment is quarantined.
  • Maintenance deparment collects their equipments and remove relevant area.
  • After all maintenance action, relevant equipments and lines are cleaned and disinfected with the control of the laboratory assistant.
  • All equipments and parts are contolled weekly period and recorded to Machine Parts Controlling Form; other metal and hard plastic equipments are counting at the end of the shift and recorded to Production Equipment Check List daily. If there is a missing equipment, products that produced till other check are separated and controlled until finding missing part.
  • Carton boxes that stapler is used on it, are not suitable for us and not used.
  • All of the technical service personel are trained against to foreign material contamination and hygiene.
  • Technical service is informed about potential risk of equipment breakdowns. All the equipments are controlled at a idetified frequency.
  • Equipments, broken machine parts and knives are kept in the way of not cause to any contamination to product.
  • All the workers in the production are informed not to use any kind of personel items in the production area.

Removing metal contamination

All products are passed into metal detector.

Metal Detector Applications
Starting Metal Detector And Fixing Sensivity

  • At the begining of the production and half an hour period, sensivity control is done with test bars and recorded to Metal Detector Form. If detector alarm does not work or gives incorrect alarm ( out of the control), Production Chief and QA deparment are informed immediatly. Product is taken under quarantina until the last positive check of the metal detector.
  • There is no alarm during controls with test bars, metal detector is configurated again with the product. If the problem is not solved, technical services is called and necessary repair is made. All of the products that passed into detector half hour ago are passed into metal detector again.
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