Customer Orientation

  • Converting the customer feedbacks and complaints, to an improvement opportunity.
  • Protecting the company principles in customer relations.
  • Developing activities in getting new customers.

Personnel Orientation

  • Supporting teamwork and ensuring the participation of the staff.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the internal communication.
  • Implementing the internal training system and creating a culture of co-learning.

Process and Knowledge Orientation

  • Creating the short, mid and long term strategies and work plans.
  • Focusing on projection of process with no errors.
  • Increasing the speed of our process and decreasing the variaty.
  • Decreasing all kinds of ullage.
  • Ensuring the succesful and efficient practices are widespread within the company.
  • Making decisions  based on the throughput values.
  • Constituting activities about the suppliers to ensure high quality raw materials.
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