Turkish Dried Sultanas / Turkish Market Report 02.04.2013

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Please kindly find below our market update for Sultanas to refresh our businesses together.

The market is quite stabile in Turkey these days as the activity in Izmir Bourse started again after a 10 days break. The raw material price for Type 9 Sultanas stabilized at 2,90 TL/Kg and the quantities coming to Izmir Bourse increased slightly this week. The vineyards are recovering the frost damage of 18.03.2013 and the weather corecast is showing good weather conditions for the coming days. These good news effected the market positively.

All types are available in the market at this stage of the season. Light colors are getting more and more limited at this stage of the season. Type 10 and Type 11 Sultanas are available at higher prices therefore the price gap between Type 9 and Type 10 Sultanas is bigger than usual years. Thompson raisins are quite limited out of crop 2012 as the farmers did not dry too much of this product this season. The price of Turkish Thompson raisins is stabilized around US$ 2.500.-/Mton levels.

US$ currency is getting stronger against Turkish Lira these days. 1 US$ is equal to 1,81 TL today. The strong US$ currency is putting a positive pressure on all export prices which is a good news for the exporters.

The export quantities of crop 2012 Sultanas is not too much higher than last year although we had a very good crop quantity. (estimation of 340.000 mtons) Under these conditions, we are expecting a serious carry over quantity from crop 2012 to crop 2013. We are expecting a smooth market during April 2013 under current market conditions.

Please kindly find below our indicative price levels for the main types of Sultanas just to update your information.
Standard 8 Grade A Sultanas at US$ 1.830.-/Mt.
Standard 9 Grade A Sultanas at US$ 1.850.-/Mt.
Standard 10 Grade A Sultanas at US$ 1.975.-/Mt.
Standard 11 Grade A Sultanas at US$ 2.150.-/Mt.
* You can add US$ 15.-/Mt. for Medium size Sultanas; US$ 15.-/Mt. for Jumbo size Sultanas; US$ 15.-/Mt. for RTU (Ready To Use) grade Sultanas; US$ 25.-/Mt. Small size Sultanas on above prices according to your needs.
All prices are FOB Izmir, Prompt shipments, Crop 2012, Subject To Final Confirmation.

We are waiting for your concrete inquiries to offer our very best prices to refresh our businesses together. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance from us.

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Yasin Durmus 
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